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1. (n.) The act of differing; the state or measure of being different or unlike; distinction; dissimilarity; unlikeness; variation; as, a difference of quality in paper; a difference in degrees of heat, or of light; what is the difference between the innocent and the guilty?

2. (n.) Disagreement in opinion; dissension; controversy; quarrel; hence, cause of dissension; matter in controversy.

3. (n.) That by which one thing differs from another; that which distinguishes or causes to differ; mark of distinction; characteristic quality; specific attribute.

4. (n.) Choice; preference.

5. (n.) An addition to a coat of arms to distinguish the bearings of two persons, which would otherwise be the same. See Augmentation, and Marks of cadency, under Cadency.

6. (n.) The quality or attribute which is added to those of the genus to constitute a species; a differentia.

7. (n.) The quantity by which one quantity differs from another, or the remainder left after subtracting the one from the other.

8. (v. t.) To cause to differ; to make different; to mark as different; to distinguish.

aberrance aberrancy aberration abnormality abnormity about-face accommodation account achievement adaptation adjustment aggregate agreement to disagree alerion alienation alteration amelioration amorphism amount animal charge annulet anomalism anomalousness anomaly antagonism apostasy argent argument argumentation armorial bearings armory arms asymmetry azure bad copy bad likeness balance bandeau bar bar sinister baton bearings bend bend sinister betterment billet blazon blazonry bordure box score break broad arrow cadency mark camouflage canton capriciousness cast change change of heart changeability changeableness chaplet character characteristic charge chevron chief choppiness clash clashing coat of arms cockatrice conflict constructive change contention continuity contradiction contradistinction contrariety contrast controversy conversion coronet count counter-culture credit crescent crest cross cross moline cross-purposes crown dappleness defection deficit degeneration degenerative change derangement deterioration deviation device difference of opinion differencing differentiate differentiation difficulty disaccord disaccordance disagreement disapprobation disapproval discern discontinuity discord discordance discordancy discrepancy discriminate disequilibrium disguise disharmony disorder disparity disproportion dispute dissatisfaction dissemblance dissension dissent dissentience dissidence dissimilarity dissimilation dissimilitude dissonance distinction distinguish disunion disunity divarication divergence divergency diversification diversion diversity dividedness division dropping out eagle eccentricity epact ermine ermines erminites erminois erraticism escutcheon extricate faction falcon fess fess point field file fitting flanch fleur-de-lis flip-flop fret fur fusil garland gradual change griffin gules gyron hatchment helmet heraldic device heterogeneity heteromorphism honor point idiosyncrasy imbalance impalement impaling improvement inaccordance inadequacy incommensurability incomparability incongruity inconsistency inconstancy inequality inequity inescutcheon inferiority injustice instability insufficiency irregularity jarring jerkiness label leftovers lion lozenge makeup mantling marshaling martlet mascle melioration mercuriality mere caricature metal metamorphosis minority opinion misunderstanding mitigation modification modulation monstrosity motleyness motto mullet mutability nature negation net nombril point nonagreement nonassent nonconcurrence nonconformism nonconformity nonconsent nonstandardization nonuniformity number octofoil odds opposition oppugnancy or ordinary orle otherness overbalance overthrow pale paly pean


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