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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Devote.

2. (a.) Consecrated to a purpose; strongly attached; zealous; devout; as, a devoted admirer.

Christian Christianlike Christianly abandoned absorbed absorbed in acquiescent active adoring affectionate afire altruistic appointed ardent beatified believing blessed bound bound and determined buried in burning canonized caring caught up in committed compliant complying conforming conjugal conscientious consecrated consistent constant contemplating contemplative cultish cultist cultistic dear decided decisive dedicated definite demonstrative destined determined devoted to devout disinterested doomed doting duteous dutiful earnest engaged engrossed engrossed in enthusiastic faithful fast fatal fated fateful fervent fervid fiery filial firm flaming fond foredoomed hallowed hearty heated hot hot-blooded humble husbandly immersed in impassioned in earnest in store in the cards inevitable intense intent intent on involved languishing law-abiding lost in lovelorn lovesick lovesome loving loyal marble-constant marked maternal meditating meditative melting meticulous mindful modest monomaniacal monopolized obedient observant obsessed obstinate occupied on fire ordained parental passionate paternal perfervid persevering persistent pietistic pious practicing prayerful preoccupied punctilious punctual purposeful red-hot regardful relentless religious resolute resolved reverent reverential romantic sacrificing sainted saintly sanctified scrupulous self-abasing self-abnegating self-abnegatory self-denying self-devoted self-effacing self-forgetful self-immolating self-neglectful self-neglecting self-renouncing self-sacrificing self-unconscious selfless sentimental serious set apart sincere single-minded soft solemn spirited stable staunch steadfast steady studious studying submerged in submissive swept up taken up with tenacious tender tested theistic thoughtful totally absorbed tried tried and true TRUE true-blue unacquisitive unfailing unpossessive unpretentious unselfish unsparing of self uxorious vehement venerational venerative warm white-hot wholehearted wifely willing worshipful wrapped in wrapped up in written zealous


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