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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Determine.

2. (a.) Decided; resolute.

actual adamant approaching arrogant ascertained assured attested authenticated bent borne out bound bound and determined categorically true certain certified circumscribed circumscript circumstantiated cocksure coming committed confident confirmed constant convinced corroborated decided decisive dedicated defined definite delimited demarcated demonstrated desired destinal destined determinate devoted distinct documentary dogged earnest effectual emergent encircled established eventual exact experimental extrapolated factual fatal fated fatidic firm fixed forthcoming future futuristic guaranteed hedged about hereafter historical hoped-for hubristic identified imminent in the bag intent later made sure nailed down nearing not in error objectively true obstinate on ice open-and-shut overconfident oversure overweening persevering persistent persuaded planned plotted poised pompous positive precise predetermined predicted probable projected prophesied prospective proud proved proven purposeful real reassured relentless resolute resolved secure self-assured self-confident self-important self-reliant serious set settled shown sincere single-minded specific stated steady strong-minded strong-willed stubborn substantiated sure sure-enough surrounded tenacious tentative tested to come to-be trial tried TRUE true as gospel truthful ultimate unafraid unconfuted undenied undoubted undoubting unerroneous unfallacious unfalse unfaltering unflinching unhesitating unmistaken unquestionable unrefuted unwavering unyielding validated venturesome veracious verified veritable warranted wholehearted willing


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