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1. (a.) Having power to determine; limiting; shaping; directing; conclusive.

2. (n.) That which serves to determine.

absolute adducible admissible antecedents arrowhead article assuring attestative attestive authentic authoritative base based on basis behind the scenes bordering borderline boundary bounding call caudal causal causation causative cause cause and effect certain character circumstantial coastal conclusive constitutive convictional convincing cumulative cuneiform damning decisive definite article definitive demotic character determinant determiner determining documentary documented effectual element endmost etiological etiology eventual evidential evidentiary ex parte extreme eye-witness factor factual farthest final firsthand formative founded on fringing frontier grammalogue ground grounded on grounds hearsay hieratic symbol hieroglyph hieroglyphic hieroglyphics hiragana ideogram ideograph implicit impressive incontrovertible indefinite article indicative indisputable institutive irrefutable irresistible kana katakana last limbic liminal limit limiting littoral logogram logograph marginal material noun determiner nuncupative occasion occasional ogham originative overwhelming persuasive phonetic phonetic symbol pictogram pictograph pivotal polar presumptive principle probative radical reliable rimming rune satisfactory satisfying shorthand significant skirting stimulus suggestive sure symptomatic tail telling terminal terminating terminative threshold ultimate valid wedge weighty word letter


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