1. (n.) A minute portion; one of the small parts; a particular; an item; -- used chiefly in the plural; as, the details of a scheme or transaction.

2. (n.) A narrative which relates minute points; an account which dwells on particulars.

3. (n.) The selection for a particular service of a person or a body of men; hence, the person or the body of men so selected.

4. (n.) To relate in particulars; to particularize; to report minutely and distinctly; to enumerate; to specify; as, he detailed all the facts in due order.

5. (n.) To tell off or appoint for a particular service, as an officer, a troop, or a squadron.

KP accredit accuracy add up adduce adjunct age group allocate allot amplify anatomize appoint appropriate to appurtenance army army group article aspect assign assign to atomize attention to detail authorize background background detail band battalion battery battle group bevy block out body brigade bunch cabal cadre case cast cast up catalogue charge charter cipher up circumstance circumstantiality circumstantiate cite clique cohort column combat command combat team commission commit company complement complete component comprehensively conscientiousness consign constituent contents contingent corps correctness coterie count count up covey crew criticality criticalness cross section crowd datum decorative composition decorative style delegate delicacy delineate depute deputize descant descend to particulars design destine detach detachment details develop devolute devolve devolve upon dilate division document dole duty earmark elaborate element empower enlarge enlarge upon enter into detail entrust enumerate evolve exactingness exactitude exactness exhaustively expand expatiate explicate exquisiteness facet fact faction factor fate fatigue feature field army field train figure figure up file finicality finicalness finickiness finickingness fixings fleet flying column foil foot up foreground detail form fraction fussiness gang garrison give full particulars give in charge go into group grouping groupment in detail in-group incidental individualize ingredient inside out installment instance integrant inventory item item by item itemize junta kitchen police labor legion license list lot make assignments makings maniple mark off mark out for matter meticulousness minor detail minuteness minutia minutiae mission mob motif movement name national style niceness niceties nicety number ordain organization ornamental motif out-group outfit outline pack parcel parse part part and parcel particular particularity particularize particularly particularness particulars party pattern peculiarize peer group percentage perfectly period style personalize phalanx platoon point portion portion off posse post precise preciseness precisianism precision punctiliousness punctuality quadrant quarter quota random sample rank recap recapitulate recite reckon up recount refinement regard regiment rehearse rehearse in extenso relate relate at large remainder repeated figure reserve resolve respect restrict restrict to rigidness


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