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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Detach.

2. (a.) Separate; unconnected, or imperfectly connected; as, detached parcels.

Laodicean Olympian abstract afoot and lighthearted alien alienated alone aloof apart apathetic at large at liberty backward bashful benumbed blah blank blase bored broken candid careless casual chilled chilly clear cold colorless comatose companionless constrained cool cut off desensitized disarticulated disconnected discontinuous discreet discrete disengaged disinterested disjoined disjoint disjointed disjunct dislocated dispassionate dispersed disrelated dissociated distant disunited divided divorced dull easygoing emancipated equitable estranged evenhanded exclusive exotic expressionless extraneous fair footloose footloose and fancy-free forbidding foreign free free and easy free as air freeborn freed friendless frigid frosty gapped go-as-you-please guarded heartless hebetudinous heedless homeless hopeless icy impartial impassive impersonal in a backwater in a stupor in the clear inaccessible incoherent incommensurable incomparable inconsistent incurious independent indifferent insouciant insular introverted irrelative isolate isolated just kithless languid lethargic liberated listless lofty lone lonely lonesome loose mindless modest neutral nonadherent nonadhesive nonchalant noncoherent noncohesive numb numbed objective offish on the loose open other out-of-the-way out-of-the-world outlandish passive phlegmatic pluckless poker-faced quarantined regardless released remote removed repressed reserved resigned restrained reticent retired retiring rootless scattered scot-free secluded seclusive segregate segregated selfless separate separated sequestered shrinking shut off single-handed slack sluggish solitary solo soporific spiritless spunkless standoff standoffish stoic stolid strange stupefied subdued supine suppressed tenuous torpid unabetted unaccompanied unadhesive unaffable unaffiliated unaided unallied unapproachable unassisted unassociated unattached unattended unbiased uncaring uncoherent uncohesive uncommitted unconcerned uncongenial unconnected undazzled undemonstrative unemotional unengaged unescorted unexpansive unfastened unfrequented ungenial uninfluenced uninquiring uninterested uninvolved unjaundiced unjoined unmindful unprejudiced unprepossessed unrelatable unrelated unseconded unselfish unsupported unswayed untenacious unvisited withdrawn


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