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accrue accumulate advance affiliation animal kingdom apparentation appear appreciate apprentice arise author balloon be gravid be knocked up be pregnant be with child bear beget birth bloat blood bloodline boom branch brand break break in breed true bring about bring forth bring into being bring to effect bring to pass bring up broaden brood call into being carry carry young cast cause character children clan class coin color common ancestry conceive concoct condition consanguinity contrive cook up copulate cover create crescendo crossbreed cultivate culture deme denomination derivation descendants descent description design designation develop devise direct line discipline discover distaff side do dream up drill effect effectuate engender establish evolve exercise extraction fabricate family farm father fatten feather feed female line fetch up filiation fit folk form foster found frame fruit gain gain strength generate genre gens genus gestate get get ahead get up give being to give birth to give occasion to give origin to give rise to go up grain grandchildren great-grandchildren groom grow hatch heirs hostages to fortune house house-train housebreak ilk improve improvise inaugurate inbreed increase incubate induce inheritors institute intensify invent issue keep kidney kids kin kind label lick into shape line line of descent lineage little ones lot make make do with make love make up male line manner mark matriclan mature mint mold mother mount multiply muster up nation nature new generation number nurse nurture occasion offspring order originate outbreed patriclan people persuasion phratry phyle phylum plan plant kingdom posterity practice prepare procreate produce progenerate progeny proliferate propagate put in tune put to school race raise ranch ready realize rear rehearse reproduce reproduce in kind rise rising generation run run up seed send to school sept set set afloat set on foot set up shape shoot up side sire sit snowball sons sort spawn spear side species spindle side spread stamp stem stirps stock strain strengthen strike out stripe style succession swell sword side take in hand the like of the likes of think out think up totem train treasures tribe type


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