1. (a.) Dead.

2. (v. t.) That which is done or effected by a responsible agent; an act; an action; a thing done; -- a word of extensive application, including, whatever is done, good or bad, great or small.

3. (v. t.) Illustrious act; achievement; exploit.

4. (v. t.) Power of action; agency; efficiency.

5. (v. t.) Fact; reality; -- whence we have indeed.

6. (n.) A sealed instrument in writing, on paper or parchment, duly executed and delivered, containing some transfer, bargain, or contract.

7. (v. t.) Performance; -- followed by of.

8. (v. t.) To convey or transfer by deed; as, he deeded all his estate to his eldest son.

abalienate accomplished fact accomplishment achievement act acta action adventure agreement alien alienate amortize aristeia arrangement assign bargain barter bequeath blow bold stroke bond cause cede charter compact confer consign contract contract by deed contract of record contract quasi convey conveyance coup covenant covenant of indemnity crusade dealings debenture debenture bond deed of trust deed over deed poll deliver demise devolve upon document doing doings effort endeavor enfeoff enterprise exchange exploit fait accompli feat formal contract gaining gest give give title to go group policy hand hand down hand on hand over handiwork heroic act implied contract indent indenture instrument insurance policy job make over maneuver measure mortgage deed move negotiate operation overt act pact parol contract pass pass on pass over passage performance policy proceeding production promissory note quest recognizance remise res gestae sell settle settle on sign away sign over special contract specialty specialty contract step stroke stunt surrender thing thing done title deed tour de force trade transaction transfer transmit turn turn over undertaking winning work works


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