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1. (a.) Putting an end to controversy; final; conclusive\; having the power or quality of deciding a question or controversy.

2. (a.) Marked by promptness and decision.

absolute adducible admissible admitting no exception alert all-out apodictic apt assured assuring attestative attestive authentic authoritative based on behind the scenes bent binding bound bound and determined categorical causal causative certain charged circumstantial clear clear and distinct clear as day climacteric committed complete compulsory conclusive constitutive convictional convincing critical crucial cumulative damning decided decretory dedicated definite definitive determinate determinative determined devoted dictated documentary documented downright earnest effectual emergent entailed entire etiological evidential evidentiary ex parte exigent expeditious explicit express eye-witness factual final firsthand fixed flat flat-out formative founded on global grounded on hard-and-fast hearsay immediate imperative imperious implicit imposed impressive inappealable incontrovertible indicative indisputable ineluctable inevitable instant instantaneous institutive intent irrefutable irresistible irrevocable kairotic loaded mandated mandatory masterful material must necessary nuncupative obligatory obstinate occasional originative out-and-out outright overwhelming peremptory perfect perfectly sure persevering persistent persuasive pivotal positive predestined predetermined pregnant prescript prescriptive presumptive probative prompt punctual purposeful quick ready relentless reliable required resolute resolved round satisfactory satisfying self-assured self-confident serious set settled significant sincere single-minded speedy steadfast straight straight-out suggestive summary sure sure-enough swift symptomatic telling tenacious total TRUE ultimate unambiguous uncircumscribed unconditional unconditioned undoubting unequivocal unhampered unhesitating univocal unlimited unmistakable unmitigated unqualified unquestioning unreserved unrestricted unswerving unwaivable unwavering utter valid weighty whole wholehearted without appeal without exception without reserve


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