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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Debar.

Eighteenth Amendment Prohibition Party Volstead Act abscind amputate anathema annihilate banish banishment bar bar out barring blackball blackballing blacklist blasphemy blockade bob boycott boycottage cast out categorically reject circumscription clip commination complaint contraband count out crop cull curse cut cut away cut off cut out damnation debar debarment debarring demarcation denial denunciation deny deport dim view disagreement disallow disallowance disappointment disapprobation disapproval disapprove disapprove of discontent discontentedness discontentment disenchantment disesteem disfavor disfellowship disgruntlement disillusion disillusionment displeasure disrespect dissatisfaction dissent dissent from distaste dock eliminate embargo enjoin enucleate eradicate evil eye except exception excise exclude exclude from exclusion excommunicate excommunication execration exile expatriate expel extinguish extirpate extradite forbid forbiddance forbidden fruit forbidding freeze out frown at frown down frown upon fugitate fulmination grimace at hex ignore imprecation inadmissibility index index expurgatorius index librorum prohibitorum indignation inhibit inhibition injunction interdict interdiction interdictum isolate keep out knock off law leave out lock out lockout look askance at look black upon lop low estimation low opinion malison malocchio mutilate narrowing nip no-no nonadmission not approve not go for not hear of not hold with object object to objection omission omit oppose opposition opposure ostracism ostracization ostracize outlaw pare pass over peel pick out preclude preclusion prevent prevention prohibit prohibition prohibitory injunction proscribe proscription protest prune refusal refuse reject rejection relegate relegation repress repression repudiate repudiation restriction restrictive covenants root out rule out ruling out rusticate say no to send away send down send to Coventry set apart set aside shave shear shut out snub spurn stamp out statute strike off strip strip off sumptuary laws suppress suppression taboo take exception to take off take out think ill of think little of thrust out thumb down thumbs-down thundering transport truncate unhappiness view with disfavor whammy wipe out zoning zoning laws


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