1. (n.) The cessation of all vital phenomena without capability of resuscitation, either in animals or plants.

2. (v. i.) Total privation or loss; extinction; cessation; as, the death of memory.

3. (v. i.) Manner of dying; act or state of passing from life.

4. (v. i.) Cause of loss of life.

5. (v. i.) Personified: The destroyer of life, -- conventionally represented as a skeleton with a scythe.

6. (v. i.) Danger of death.

7. (v. i.) Murder; murderous character.

8. (v. i.) Loss of spiritual life.

9. (v. i.) Anything so dreadful as to be like death.

Azrael Black Death Death Grim Reaper Pale Death Reaper Z angel of death annihilation apodosis bane caducity casualty catastrophe ceasing cessation changeableness coda conclusion consummation corruptibility crack of doom crossbones crossing the bar culmination curtain curtains death knell deathblow decease demise denouement destination destiny destruction dissolution doom downfall dying effect end end point ending envoi ephemerality ephemeralness epilogue eradication eschatology evanescence expiration expiry extermination extinction extirpation fatal fate final solution final twitch final words finale finality finis finish finitude fleetingness fugacity goal grave grim reaper impermanence impermanency instability izzard last last breath last gasp last things last trumpet last words latter end liquidation memento mori momentariness mortality mutability obliteration omega pale horse pale rider passing payoff period perishability peroration quietus resolution resting place ruin sickle of Death silence skull skull and crossbones sleep stoppage stopping place swan song term terminal termination terminus that fell sergeant that grim ferryman transience transiency transientness transitoriness undoing volatility white cross windup


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