1. (superl.) Bearing a high price; high-priced; costly; expensive.

2. (superl.) Marked by scarcity or dearth, and exorbitance of price; as, a dear year.

3. (superl.) Highly valued; greatly beloved; cherished; precious.

4. (superl.) Hence, close to the heart; heartfelt; present in mind; engaging the attention.

5. (superl.) of agreeable things and interests.

6. (superl.) of disagreeable things and antipathies.

7. (n.) A dear one; lover; sweetheart.

8. (adv.) Dearly; at a high price.

9. (v. t.) To endear.

admired adored affectionate angel at a premium at great cost at great expense at heavy cost babe baby baby-doll beloved beloved object beyond price buttercup cherished cherub chick chickabiddy costly crush darling dear one dear-bought dearly dearly beloved deary devoted doll doting duck duckling esteemed expensive fancy favored favorite fond golden good as gold heartthrob held dear high high-priced hon honey honey bunch honey child honored inestimable invaluable lamb lambkin light of love love loved loved one lover lovesome luxurious not affordable of great cost of great price pet petkins popular precious precious heart premium priceless pricey prized revered rich snookums steep stiff sugar sumptuous sweet sweetheart sweetie sweetkins sweets top treasure treasured truelove unpayable valuable valued venerated well-beloved well-liked white-haired worthy


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