1. (n.) Authority; jurisdiction; control.

2. (n.) Power to harm; subjection or liability to penalty.

3. (n.) Exposure to injury, loss, pain, or other evil; peril; risk; insecurity.

4. (n.) Difficulty; sparingness.

5. (n.) Coyness; disdainful behavior.

6. (v. t.) To endanger.

dangerous ground desultoriness emergency exigency hazard in danger of infirmity insecurity insolidity instability insubstantiality jeopardy menace pass peril perilousness precariousness precipice risk riskiness shakiness shiftiness shiftingness slipperiness speculativeness thin ice threat ticklishness treacherousness treachery unauthenticity unauthoritativeness undependability unfaithworthiness unreliability unsolidity unsoundness unsteadfastness unsteadiness unsubstantiality unsureness untrustworthiness


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