1. (n.) Value; estimation; the gratification or pleasure taken in anything.

2. (n.) That which is delicious or delicate; a delicacy.

3. (n.) A term of fondness.

4. (superl.) Rare; valuable; costly.

5. (superl.) Delicious to the palate; toothsome.

6. (superl.) Nice; delicate; elegant, in form, manner, or breeding; well-formed; neat; tender.

7. (superl.) Requiring dainties. Hence: Overnice; hard to please; fastidious; squeamish; scrupulous; ceremonious.

acute agreeable airy ambrosia ambrosial appetizing attenuate attenuated beautiful bleached bonne bouche bonny breakable bright brittle cate cheap-jack choice choice morsel civilized clean cleanly cobwebby comestible comfit crumbly cultivated cultured cunning cute delectable delicacy delicat delicate delicately weak delicious delightful dessert diaphanous dirt-free discriminating downy easy eatable edible effeminate elegant esculent ethereal exquisite fair fastidious filmy fine fine-drawn fine-grained finespun finical finicking finicky flimsy fluffy fragile frail frangible fresh fussy fuzzy gauzy genteel gentle gimcrack gimcracky good good to eat good-tasting goody gossamer gossamery graceful gracile gracious gustable gusty immaculate jerry jerry-built juicy kickshaw kosher light lightweight likable lovely luscious lush manna mignon mincing morsel namby-pamby neat nectar nectareous nectarous nice nonpolluted of cleanly habits of gourmet quality overrefined palatable papery particular pasteboardy perceptive pernickety persnickety pleasing polished pretty pubescent puny pure rare rarefied recherche refined ritually pure sapid satin satiny savorous savory scrumptious select sensitive shattery shiny silky sissified sleazy slight smooth smut-free smutless soft sophisticated spotless squeamish stainless subtile subtle succulent superior sweet sweetmeat tacky tahar tasty tender tenuous thin thin-spun tidbit titbit toothsome treat tubbed unadulterated unbesmirched unblemished unblotted undefiled unmuddied unpolluted unsmirched unsmudged unsoiled unspotted unstained unsubstantial unsullied untainted untarnished velutinous velvety well-scrubbed well-washed white whitened wiredrawn wispy womanish yummy


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