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(n.) A coniferous tree of the genus Cupressus. The species are mostly evergreen, and have wood remarkable for its durability.

American Indian Amerind Australian aborigine Brunswick black Bushman Caucasian Indian Malayan Mister Charley Mongolian Oriental Red Indian Stygian WASP abominable absolute angry aniline black apocalyptic arrant asperse atramentous atrocious awful bad bad-tempered baleful ban baneful base beamless beetle-browed black as coal black as ebony black as ink black as midnight black as night black man black race black-browed black-skinned blacken blackfellow blackguardly blackish blacklist blackness blamable blameworthy bleak blue black bodeful boding bone black boy boycott brown man brunet burrhead calamitous caliginous calumniate carbon black cataclysmal cataclysmic catastrophic charcoal chrome black clouded coal coal-black coaly colored colored person complete contuse coon corbeau crape criminal crow cypress cypress lawn damnable dark dark as night dark as pitch dark-complexioned dark-skinned darkling darkness darksome darky dastardly deadly deathly deep black deep mourning defame dejected depressing depressive destructive diabolical dire disastrous disgraceful dismal dispiriting doomful dour downright drear drearisome dreary drop black dumpish dusky ebon ebony eclipsed embargo evil evil-starred execrable fatal fateful felonious filthy flagitious flagrant foreboding foul frowning funebrial funereal furious gloomy glowering glum gook grave gray grievous grim grubby grum hateful heinous hellish honky hyacinthine ill ill-boding ill-fated ill-omened ill-starred improper impure inaccurate inauspicious inexpedient infamous inferior infernal iniquitous ink ink-black inkiness inky insidious interdict invalid ivory black japan jet jetty jigaboo jungle bunny knavish lampblack libel low lowering malevolent malicious malignant melancholy melanian melanic melanism melanistic melano melanotic melanous menacing midnight monstrous moodish moody mopey moping mopish morose mourning mourning band mumpish nasty naughty nefarious night night-black night-clad night-cloaked night-dark night-enshrouded night-filled night-mantled night-veiled nigrescence nigritude nigrous obfuscated obscure obscured occulted of evil portent ofay ominous onyx oppressive out-and-out outrageous outright paleface peccant perfect perfidious pitch pitch-black pitch-dark pitchy portending portentous positive pygmy rank raven raven-black


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