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1. (a.) Difficult to please or satisfy; solicitous to be correct; careful; scrupulous; nice; exact.

2. (a.) Exhibiting care or nicety; artfully constructed; elaborate; wrought with elegance or skill.

3. (a.) Careful or anxious to learn; eager for knowledge; given to research or inquiry; habitually inquisitive; prying; -- sometimes with after or of.

4. (a.) Exciting attention or inquiry; awakening surprise; inviting and rewarding inquisitiveness; not simple or plain; strange; rare.

aberrant abnormal absurd agape agog all agog analytical attentive attracted barmy bizarre burning with curiosity careful catechistic cathectic cautious circumspect concerned considerate consumed with curiosity deviant deviate eccentric enthusiastic erratic examining excited exotic extraordinary fascinated freaked out freakish freaky funny ghoulish gossipy grotesque heedful impertinent inquiring inquisitional inquisitive inquisitorial interested interfering intermeddling interrogational interrogative interrogatory intrusive investigative irregular itchy keen on kinky kooky loving meddlesome meddling mindful morbid morbidly curious nosy nuts nutty odd oddball off off the wall offbeat open-eyed openmouthed out outlandish outrageous outre overcurious passing strange passionate peculiar piqued pixilated prurient prying quaint queer querying questioning quizzical quizzing regardful scopophiliac scrutinizing searching singular snooping snoopy solicitous strange supercurious tantalized tender thoughtful tickled titillated turned-on unconventional unearthly unusual voyeuristic weird wondrous strange


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