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1. (a.) Augmenting, gaining, or giving force, by successive additions; as, a cumulative argument; a cumulative exam\; i. e., one whose force increases as the statement proceeds.

2. (a.) Composed of parts in a heap; forming a mass; aggregated.

3. (a.) Tending to prove the same point to which other evidence has been offered; -- said of evidence.

4. (a.) Given by same testator to the same legatee; -- said of a legacy.

absolute accumulated accumulative additional additive additory adducible admissible advancing amassed attestative attestive authentic based on certain chain circumstantial conclusive convincing damning decisive determinative documentary documented evidential evidentiary ex parte eye-witness factual final firsthand founded on grounded on hearsay heightening implicit incontrovertible increasing indicative indisputable intensifying irrefutable irresistible magnifying material multiplying nuncupative overall overwhelming presumptive probative reliable significant snowballing suggestive summational summative sure symptomatic telling total valid weighty


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