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1. (n.) The art or act of cultivating; improvement for agricultural purposes or by agricultural processes; tillage; production by tillage.

2. (n.) Bestowal of time or attention for self-improvement or for the benefit of others; fostering care.

3. (n.) The state of being cultivated; advancement in physical, intellectual, or moral condition; refinement; culture.

acculturation acquired taste agrarianism agricultural geology agriculture agrology agronomics agronomy appreciation of excellence apprenticeship architecture assembly basic training breaking breeding building casting choiceness civility civilization civilized taste civilizedness composition conditioning construction contour farming contour plowing conversion crafting craftsmanship creation cultivated taste cultivating culture daintiness delicacy development devising dirt farming discipline discrimination dressing drill drilling dry farming dryland farming education elaboration elegance enculturation enlightenment erection excellence exercise extraction fabrication fallowing farm economy farming fashioning fastidiousness fetching-up finesse formation forming formulation fostering framing fruit farming furrowing genteelness gentility gentlemanlikeness gentlemanliness gentleness geoponics good breeding good taste grace gracefulness gracility graciosity graciousness grain farming grooming growing handicraft handiwork harrowing harvesting hoeing housebreaking husbandry hydroponics improvement in-service training intensive farming ladylikeness listing machining making manual training manufacture manufacturing military training milling mining mixed farming molding niceness nicety nurture nurturing on-the-job training plowing polish practice prefabrication preparation processing producing pruning quality raising readying rearing refinement refining rehearsal rural economy shaping sharecropping sloyd smelting socialization sophistication strip farming subsistence farming subtlety tank farming taste tastefulness thinning thremmatology tillage tilling tilth training truck farming upbringing vocational education vocational training weeding working workmanship


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