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1. (a.) Consisting, or made, of crystal.

2. (a.) Formed by crystallization; like crystal in texture.

3. (a.) Imperfectly crystallized; as, granite is only crystalline, while quartz crystal is perfectly crystallized.

4. (a.) Fig.: Resembling crystal; pure; transparent; pellucid.

5. (n.) A crystalline substance.

6. (n.) See Aniline.

clean-cut clear clear as crystal clear as day clear-cut coherent connected consistent craggy crisp crystal crystal-clear defined definite diaphane diaphanous direct distinct explicit express filmy gauzy gossamer gossamery gravelly gritty lapideous light-pervious limpid lithoid lithoidal loud and clear lucid luminous monolithic nonopaque pebbled pebbly peekaboo pellucid perspicuous plain porphyritic revealing rock-ribbed rock-strewn rock-studded rocklike rocky sandy see-through sheer shingled shingly simple stonelike stony straightforward thin trachytic translucent transparent transpicuous unambiguous unclouded unconfused unequivocal univocal unmistakable well-defined


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