1. (p. p.) of Crow.

2. (p. p) of Crow.

3. (n.) A wreath or garland, or any ornamental fillet encircling the head, especially as a reward of victory or mark of honorable distinction; hence, anything given on account of, or obtained by, faithful or successful effort; a reward.

4. (n.) A royal headdress or cap of sovereignty, worn by emperors, kings, princes, etc.

5. (n.) The person entitled to wear a regal or imperial crown; the sovereign; -- with the definite article.

6. (n.) Imperial or regal power or dominion; sovereignty.

7. (n.) Anything which imparts beauty, splendor, honor, dignity, or finish.

8. (n.) Highest state; acme; consummation; perfection.

9. (n.) The topmost part of anything; the summit.

10. (n.) The topmost part of the head (see Illust. of Bird.); that part of the head from which the hair descends toward the sides and back; also, the head or brain.

11. (n.) The part of a hat above the brim.

12. (n.) The part of a tooth which projects above the gum; also, the top or grinding surface of a tooth.

13. (n.) The vertex or top of an arch; -- applied generally to about one third of the curve, but in a pointed arch to the apex only.

14. (n.) Same as Corona.

15. (n.) That part of an anchor where the arms are joined to the shank.

16. (n.) The rounding, or rounded part, of the deck from a level line.

17. (n.) The bights formed by the several turns of a cable.

18. (n.) The upper range of facets in a rose diamond.

19. (n.) The dome of a furnace.

20. (n.) The area enclosed between two concentric perimeters.

21. (n.) A round spot shaved clean on the top of the head, as a mark of the clerical state; the tonsure.

22. (n.) A size of writing paper. See under Paper.

23. (n.) A coin stamped with the image of a crown; hence, a denomination of money; as, the English crown, a silver coin of the value of five shillings sterling, or a little more than USD1.20; the Danish or Norwegian crown, a money of account, etc., worth nearly twenty-seven cents.

24. (n.) An ornaments or decoration representing a crown; as, the paper is stamped with a crown.

25. (n.) To cover, decorate, or invest with a crown; hence, to invest with royal dignity and power.

26. (n.) To bestow something upon as a mark of honor, dignity, or recompense; to adorn; to dignify.

27. (n.) To form the topmost or finishing part of; to complete; to consummate; to perfect.

28. (n.) To cause to round upward; to make anything higher at the middle than at the edges, as the face of a machine pulley.

29. (n.) To effect a lodgment upon, as upon the crest of the glacis, or the summit of the breach.

Her Highness Her Majesty His Majesty O Old Mug achievement acme aggrandize alerion all animal charge anklet annular muscle annulet annulus anoint apex apogee apotheose apotheosize areola argent armlet armorial bearings armory arms aureole authority azure baby tooth bandeau bangle bar bar sinister baton bawbee bays beads bean bearings beatify bend bend sinister bicuspid bijou billet blanket blazon blazonry bonnet bordure bracelet bracket capital breastpin broad arrow brooch brow bucktooth button up cadency mark canine canonize canton cap cap of dignity cap of maintenance capital capsheaf capstone caput carry to completion ceil ceiling ceiling fixture chain chair chandelier chaplet charge charm chatelaine chevron chief circle circlet circuit circumference circus cite civic crown clean up climax close out close up closed circle cloud nine coat of arms cockatrice coif coin complete conclude consummate copestone cork cornice corona corona lucis coronal coronet crescent crest cross cross moline crown with laurel culmen culminate culmination cup cuspid cutter cycle deciduous tooth decorate deify dent denticle denticulation dentil dentition develop device diadem difference differencing discus disk do honor do to perfection dogtooth dollar dome dominion double eagle doubloon ducat duodecimo eagle earring edge eighteenmo electrolier elevate emperor empress end ennoble enshrine enthrone ermine ermines erminites erminois escutcheon eternal return exalt extreme extreme limit extremity eyetooth fairy ring falcon fang farthing fess fess point field file fillet final stroke final touch finalize finish finish off finish up finisher finishing stroke five-dollar gold piece fiver flanch fleur-de-lis florin fob folio fore tooth fourpence fourpenny fret frost fur fusil gagtooth gang tooth garland gasolier gem get done get it over get through get through with glamorize glorify glory gold piece gold tooth government great seal griffin grinder groat guinea gules gyron half crown half dollar half eagle halfpenny halo hard money hat hatchment head heading headpiece heaven heavens height helmet heraldic device high noon highest degree highest pitch highest point honor honor point hood ice immortalize impalement impaling imperial improve inaugurate incisor


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