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1. (n.) A forked support; a crotch.

2. (n.) A time note, with a stem, having one fourth the value of a semibreve, one half that of a minim, and twice that of a quaver; a quarter note.

3. (n.) An indentation in the glacis of the covered way, at a point where a traverse is placed.

4. (n.) The arrangement of a body of troops, either forward or rearward, so as to form a line nearly perpendicular to the general line of battle.

5. (n.) A bracket. See Bracket.

6. (n.) An instrument of a hooked form, used in certain cases in the extraction of a fetus.

7. (n.) A perverse fancy; a whim which takes possession of the mind; a conceit.

8. (v. i.) To play music in measured time.

L accidental angle apex bee bend bifurcation bight boutade brainstorm breve cant capriccio caprice chevron coin conceit corner crank craze crazy idea crook deflection demisemiquaver dogleg dominant dominant note double whole note eccentricity eighth note elbow ell enharmonic enharmonic note fad fancy fantastic notion fantasy flat flimflam fool notion fork freak freakish inspiration furcation half note harebrained idea hemidemisemiquaver hook humor inflection kink knee maggot megrim minim musical note natural nook note notion passing fancy patent note point quarter note quaver quirk quoin report responding note semibreve semiquaver shaped note sharp sixteenth note sixty-fourth note spiccato staccato sustained note swerve tercet thirty-second note tone toy triplet twist vagary veer vertex whim whim-wham whimsy whole note zag zig zigzag


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