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(a.) Having the characteristics of a cretin.

babbling back backward behind behindhand belated blithering blocked bridled burbling callow caught charmed checked coarse constrained controlled crackbrained cracked crazy cretinistic cretinous crude curbed defective deficient delayed delayed-action detained dithering driveling drooling embryonic enchanted enthralled failing fascinated fixed gripped guarded half-baked half-witted held held up hung up hypnotized hypoplastic idiotic imbecile imbecilic immature impeded in a bind in abeyance in arrear in arrears in check in default in embryo in leading strings in ovo in remission in short supply in the rough inadequate incomplete infant inhibited jammed lacking late latish maundering mentally defective mentally deficient mentally handicapped mentally retarded mesmerized missing mongoloid moratory moronic needing never on time not all there obstructed on leash overdue oversimple part partial patchy pent-up rapt reductionistic reductive restrained retarded rough roughcast roughhewn rude rudimental rudimentary scant scanty scrappy set back short shy simple simpleminded simpletonian simplistic sketchy slobbering slow slowed down spellbound stopped stunted subnormal tardy unblown uncultivated uncultured uncut under control under discipline under restraint underdeveloped undeveloped unfashioned unfinished unformed unhewn unlabored unlicked unpolished unprocessed unpunctual unready unrefined untimely untreated unworked unwrought wanting


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