1. (n.) Reliance on the truth of something said or done; belief; faith; trust; confidence.

2. (n.) Reputation derived from the confidence of others; esteem; honor; good name; estimation.

3. (n.) A ground of, or title to, belief or confidence; authority derived from character or reputation.

4. (n.) That which tends to procure, or add to, reputation or esteem; an honor.

5. (n.) Influence derived from the good opinion, confidence, or favor of others; interest.

6. (n.) Trust given or received; expectation of future payment for property transferred, or of fulfillment or promises given; mercantile reputation entitling one to be trusted; -- applied to individuals, corporations, communities, or nations; as, to buy goods on credit.

7. (n.) The time given for payment for lands or goods sold on trust; as, a long credit or a short credit.

8. (n.) The side of an account on which are entered all items reckoned as values received from the party or the category named at the head of the account; also, any one, or the sum, of these items; -- the opposite of debit; as, this sum is carried to one's credit, and that to his debit; A has several credits on the books of B.

9. (v. t.) To confide in the truth of; to give credence to; to put trust in; to believe.

10. (v. t.) To bring honor or repute upon; to do credit to; to raise the estimation of.

11. (v. t.) To enter upon the credit side of an account; to give credit for; as, to credit the amount paid; to set to the credit of; as, to credit a man with the interest paid on a bond.

accept accept for gospel accept implicitly acceptability acceptation acception acclaim account account for accounting for accredit accredit with accrete to acknowledge acknowledgment acquiescence answerability application apply to approbation approval arrogation ascendancy ascribe ascribe to ascription assign assign to assignation assignment assurance assuredness attach to attachment attribute attribute to attribution authority avails balance balance the books be certain belief believability believableness believe believe without reservation benediction blame blame for blame on bless book box office bring home to buy capitalize carry carry over cast up accounts certainty charge charge off charge on charge to charisma charm close out close the books clout cognizance commendation commissions conceivability confess confidence connect with connection with consequence consider consideration control credence credibility credit with crediting credits credulity debit deem deficit depend on dependability dependence derivation from difference discrepancy disposable income distinction dividend dividends docket dominance domination double entry due earned income earnings effect eminence enchantment enter entry epact esteem estimation etiology faith faithfulness fasten upon father upon favor feel fix on fix upon force gains gate gate receipts get give credit give faith to give thanks glory good feeling grace great honor gross gross income gross receipts hang on hold honesty honor hope hymn importance imputation impute impute to incidental power income influence influentiality insinuation intake item journalize keep books lay lay to leadership leverage log magnetism make make acknowledgments of make an entry mastery merit minute moment net net income net receipts notation note offer thanks ornament output paean palaetiology personality persuasion pin on pinpoint place upon placement plausibility point to post post up potency power praise prayer of thanks predominance preponderance pressure prestige probity proceeds produce profits purchase put faith in receipt receipts receivables receive reception recognition recognize refer refer to reference to regard reign reliability reliance reliance on rely on remainder render credit render thanks repute respect responsibility return thanks returns revenue right royalties rule saddle on saddle with saddling say sense set down to set store by settle upon single entry solvency stock store strike a balance suasion subtle influence suggestion supremacy sureness surety surplus


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