1. (a.) Characterized by weakness or feebleness; decrepit; broken; falling to decay; shaky; unsafe.

2. (a.) Broken, weakened, or disordered in intellect; shattered; demented; deranged.

3. (a.) Inordinately desirous; foolishly eager.

abnormal absurd anamorphous ape apish arrested asinine askew asymmetric avid babbling backward balmy bananas barmy bats batty befooled beguiled bent bereft of reason besotted beyond belief bicolor bicolored big bizarre blithering bonkers bowed brainless brainsick buffoonish burbling certifiable cockamamie cockeyed colorful colory contorted crackbrained cracked crackers crackpot crazed credulous cretinistic cretinous crooked crumpled crunched cuckoo daedal daffy daft damned dazed deluded demented deprived of reason deranged deviative dichromatic dippy disoriented distorted distraught dithering divers-colored dizzy doting dotty dreadful driveling drooling dumb eager enthusiastic erratic excited extravagant fantastic fatuitous fatuous flaked-out flaky flighty fond fool foolheaded foolish fuddled futile gaga goofy grotesque gulled half-baked half-witted hallucinated harebrained harlequin high-flown idiotic ill-considered imbecile imbecilic impracticable impractical imprudent inane incredible inept infatuated insane irrational irregular kaleidoscopic keen keen on kooky labyrinthine larruping laughable lawful loco loony lopsided ludicrous lunatic mad maddened main maniac manic many-colored maudlin maundering mazed medley mental mentally defective mentally deficient mentally handicapped mentally retarded meshuggah mongoloid monstrous moon-struck moonstruck moronic motley multicolor multicolored multicolorous non compos non compos mentis nonsensical nonsymmetric not all there not right nuts nutty odd of unsound mind off one-sided outrageous outre parti-color parti-colored pointless polychromatic polychrome polychromic poppycockish possessed potty preposterous prismal psycho queer rash reasonless reckless retarded ridiculous risible round the bend sappy screwball screwy senseless sentimental shot shot through sick silly simple simpleminded simpletonian slobbering spectral sprung stark-mad stark-staring mad strange stupid subnormal tetched thoughtless thunder and lightning tortuous touched trichromatic trichromic tricolor tricolored twisted two-tone unbalanced unhinged unsane unsettled unsound unsymmetric unworkable varicolored variegated versicolor versicolored wacky wandering warped weird wet wild witless zealous


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