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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Crawl.

abject accumbent alive with all fours ambling amphibian anguine atiptoe atmospherics backscratching batrachian beggarly blaring blasting blind spot bootlicking bristling bursting cautious circumspect claudicant close colubriform compact couchant couche cowering crammed crawl creep creeping creeping like snail cringing crocodilian crouching crowded crowding decumbent deliberate dense draped drift easy fade-out fading faltering fawning firm flagging flat flattering foot-dragging footlicking froggy full gentle gradual groveling gumshoeing halting hangdog hobbled hobbling honeycombed idle in profusion indolent ingratiating interference jam-packed jammed languid languorous lavish lazy leisurely limping lizardlike lolling lounging lumbering lying mealymouthed moderate nightwalking noise obeisant obsequious on all fours on bended knee on tippytoe on tiptoe ophidian overflowing packed padding parasitic permeated poking poky populous procumbent prodigal profuse proliferating prolific prone prostrate prowling pussyfooting reception reclining recumbent relaxed reluctant repent reposing reptant reptatorial reptile reptilelike reptilian reptiliform reptiloid resupine rife saturated sauntering saurian scrabble scramble serpentiform serpentile serpentine serpentlike serpentoid serried shot through shuffling sidling slack slinking slithering slothful slow slow as death slow as molasses slow as slow slow-crawling slow-foot slow-going slow-legged slow-moving slow-paced slow-poky slow-running slow-sailing slow-stepped sluggish snail-paced snaillike snakelike snaking snaky sneaking sniveling solid sponging sprawled sprawling spread staggering static stealing strolling studded superabundant supine swarming sycophantic teeming tentative thick thick as hail thick with thick-coming thronged thronging timeserving tippytoe tiptoe tiptoeing toadeating toadish toadying toadyish toddling tortoiselike tottering truckling trudging turtlelike unhurried viperiform viperish viperlike viperoid viperous vipery waddling worming


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