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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Crack.

2. (a.) Coarsely ground or broken; as, cracked wheat.

3. (a.) Crack-brained.

abnormal absonant aggravated arrested atonal babbling backward batty bereft of reason blemished blithering brainsick brassy brazen broken burbling burned burst busted cacophonous checked chinky chipped choked cicatrized cleft cloven coarse crackbrained crazed crazy cretinistic cretinous croaking croaky cut daft damaged defaced defective deformed dehiscent deluded demented deprived of reason deranged deteriorated diaphonic disconsonant discordant disfigured disharmonic disharmonious disoriented dissonant distorted distraught dithering driveling drooling dry embittered exacerbated faulty fissured fissury flat flawed flighty gaping gappy grating gruff guttural half-baked half-witted hallucinated harmed harsh harsh-sounding hoarse hurt husky idiotic imbecile imbecilic immelodious impaired imperfect in bits in pieces in shards in shreds inharmonic inharmonious injured insane irrational irritated keloidal kinked lacerate lacerated loco lunatic mad maddened mangled maniac manic marred maundering mazed mental mentally defective mentally deficient mentally handicapped mentally retarded meshuggah metallic mongoloid moon-struck moronic musicless mutilated non compos non compos mentis nonmelodious not all there not right nuts odd of unsound mind off off-key off-tone out of pitch out of tone out of tune pimpled pimply psycho quartered queer ragged raucid raucous reasonless rent retarded rift rimose rimulose riven rough roupy rude ruptured scabbed scabby scalded scarified scarred scorched screwy senseless severed sharp shattered shredded shrill sick simple simpleminded simpletonian slashed slit slobbering smashed sour splintered split sprung squawking squawky stark-mad stark-staring mad stertorous strange strangled strident subnormal tattered tetched the worse for thick throaty tinny torn touched tuneless twisted unbalanced unharmonious unhinged unmelodious unmusical unsane unsettled unsound untunable untuned untuneful wandering warped weakened witless worse worse off worsened


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