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1. (a.) Fabricated in imitation of something else, with a view to defraud\ by passing the false copy for genuine or original; as, counterfeit antiques; counterfeit coin.

2. (adj.) Having a false resemblance to something else; portrayed.

3. (adv.) Assuming the appearance of something; false; spurious; deceitful; hypocritical; as, a counterfeit philanthropist.

4. (n.) That which resembles or is like another thing; a likeness; a portrait; a counterpart.

5. (n.) That which is made in imitation of something, with a view to deceive by passing the false for the true; as, the bank note was a counterfeit.

6. (n.) One who pretends to be what he is not; one who personates another; an impostor; a cheat.

7. (v. t.) To imitate, or put on a semblance of; to mimic; as, to counterfeit the voice of another person.

8. (v. t.) To imitate with a view to deceiving, by passing the copy for that which is original or genuine; to forge; as, to counterfeit the signature of another, coins, notes, etc.

9. (v. i.) To carry on a deception; to dissemble; to feign; to pretend.

10. (v. i.) To make counterfeits.

act act a part act like affect affected agent alike alternate alternative analogy ape aped apocryphal appear like approach approximate artificial assume assumed backup bad check bad money base coin bastard be like be redolent of bear resemblance bluff bogus bogus money borrow bring to mind brummagem call to mind call up certified copy change changeling cheat chorus clinquant coin colorable colored come close come near compare with comparison concoct consimilar cook up copied copy correspond counterfeit money counterfeited cover up crib deceit deception deceptive delusive delusory deputy dissemble dissimulate distorted ditto do do a bit do like double dramatize dressed up dummy echo ectype embellished embroidered equal equivalent ersatz evoke exchange fabricate facsimile factitious fair copy faithful copy fake faked fakement FALSE false money falsified falsify fantasize favor favoring feign feigned fictitious fictive fill-in follow following forge forged forgery four-flush frame-up fraud fraudulent fudge gammon garbled ghost ghostwriter go like green goods gyp hatch histrionize hoax hoke hoke up hokey homogeneous humbug icon identical illegitimate image imitate imitated imitation impostor insincere invent junk junky kite let on let on like like likeness locum tenens look like make a pretense make as if make believe make like make out like make up make-believe makeshift man-made manufacture match meretricious metaphor metonymy mimic mimicked mint mirror misleading mock near nearly reproduce nearly reproduced next best thing not tell apart not unlike overact parallel partake of paste pasticcio pastiche personnel perverted phony picture pinch pinch hitter pinchbeck plagiarize plagiarized play play a part play a scene play possum playact portrait pretend pretended profess provisional proxy pseudo put on put on airs put-on put-up job quasi queer reecho reflect relief remind one of repeat replacement representation representative reproduce reproduction resemblance resemble resembling reserve reserves ringer rip-off rubber check savor of second string secondary seem like self-styled sell semblance sham shoddy shove the queer sign similar similitude simulacrum simulate simulated smack of smacking of snide so-called soi-disant something like sound like spare spares spurious stack up with stand-in stopgap


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