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1. (n.) An unnatural, violent, and involuntary contraction of the muscles\.

2. (n.) Any violent and irregular motion or agitation; a violent shaking; a tumult; a commotion.

Homeric laughter Jacksonian epilepsy Rolandic epilepsy abdominal epilepsy abscess access acquired epilepsy activated epilepsy affect epilepsy ague akinetic epilepsy amok anemia ankylosis anoxia apnea apoplexy arrest asphyxiation asthma ataxia atrophy attack autonomic epilepsy backache belly laugh blaze bleeding blennorhea blockage bloodless revolution boff boffola bouleversement breakdown breakup burst burst of laughter cachexia cachexy cachinnation cackle cardiac epilepsy cat fit cataclysm catastrophe chill chills chortle chuckle clamor clean slate clean sweep climax clonic spasm clonus colic computer revolution conniption conniption fit constipation cortical epilepsy coughing counterrevolution cramp crow cursive epilepsy cyanosis cyclone debacle derangement diarrhea diastrophism disarrangement disaster discomposure dislocation disorder disorganization disturbance diurnal epilepsy dizziness downfall dropsy duck fit dysentery dyspepsia dyspnea eclampsia edema emaciation epilepsia epilepsia gravior epilepsia major epilepsia minor epilepsia mitior epilepsia nutans epilepsia tarda epilepsy epitasis eruption explosion fainting fall falling sickness fatigue ferment fever fibrillation fit fit of anger fit of laughter fit of temper flare-up flux focal epilepsy frenzy furor fury gale gales of laughter giggle grand mal grip growth guffaw gust ha-ha haute mal hearty laugh hee-haw hee-hee hemorrhage high blood pressure hilarity ho-ho horselaugh hurricane hydrops hypertension hypotension hysterical epilepsy icterus ictus indigestion inflammation insanity insomnia irruption itching jaundice labored breathing larval epilepsy laryngeal epilepsy laryngospasm latent epilepsy laugh laughing laughter lockjaw low blood pressure lumbago marasmus matutinal epilepsy menstrual epilepsy misarrangement murderous insanity musicogenic epilepsy myoclonous epilepsy nasal discharge nausea necrosis nocturnal epilepsy occlusion orgasm outbreak outburst outburst of laughter outcry overthrow overturn pain palace revolution paralysis paroxysm peal of laughter perturbation petit mal physiologic epilepsy prostration pruritus psychic epilepsy psychokinesia psychomotor epilepsy quake quaking radical change rage rash reflex epilepsy revolt revolution revolutionary war revulsion rheum risibility roar of laughter rocking rotatoria sabotage sclerosis seizure sensory epilepsy serial epilepsy sexual climax shaking shock shout shout of laughter shriek shuffling skin eruption sneezing snicker snigger snort sore spasm stoppage storm striking alteration stroke subversion sweeping change tabes tabula rasa tachycardia tantrum tardy epilepsy technological revolution tee-hee temblor temper tantrum tempest tetanus tetany throes thromboembolism thrombosis tidal wave titter tonic epilepsy tonic spasm tornado


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