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1. (n.) The act inventing, devising, or planning\.

2. (n.) The thing contrived, invented, or planned; disposition of parts or causes by design; a scheme; plan; artifice; arrangement.

Charlie McCarthy action ad hoc measure agent anagnorisis ancilla angle answer apparatus appliance approach architectonics architecture argument arrangement art artful dodge artifice atmosphere attack authorship background beginning blind blueprint blueprinting brainchild cabal calculation catastrophe characterization charting chicanery coinage collusion color complication complicity complot conception concoction confederacy connivance conspiracy continuity contraption contriving countermove counterplot coup course of action covin craft creation creative effort creature cute trick deceit deep-laid plot demarche denouement design development device devising disposition dodge dummy dupe effort engineering enterprise envisagement episode expedient fable fabrication fakement falling action feint fetch figuring finagling finesse foresight forethought frame-up gadget gambit game generation gimcrack gimmick gizmo go-between graphing grift ground plan guidelines hand tool handmaid handmaiden hatching idea implement improvisation incident instrument intention interagent intermediary intermediate intermedium intrigue invention jugglery jury-rig jury-rigged expedient knavery last expedient last resort last shift layout lever line lineup little game local color long-range plan machination makeshift making do maneuver maneuvering manipulation mapping master plan means measure mechanical device mechanism mediator medium method methodology midwife minion mintage mood motif move movement mythos operations research organ organization origination pawn peripeteia pis aller plan planning planning function plaything plot plotting ploy power tool prearrangement precision tool procedure program program of action puppet racket rationalization recognition red herring resort resource rigging rising action ruse schedule schema schematism schematization scheme scheme of arrangement schemery scheming secondary plot servant setup shake-up shift slant slave sleight solution speed tool step stooge stopgap story stratagem strategic plan strategy stroke stroke of policy structure subject subplot subterfuge switch system systematization tactic tactical plan tactics temporary expedient the big picture the picture thematic development theme tone tool topic toy trick trickery trump twist underplot utensil vehicle way web of intrigue wile wily device wire-pulling working hypothesis working plan working proposition


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