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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Continue.

abiding age-long aged ancient antique articulated assiduous catenated ceaseless changeless chronic concatenated connected constant continual continued continuous cyclical diligent direct diuturnal dogged durable endless enduring evergreen faithful featureless firm fixed frozen gapless hardy immediate immobile immutable inalterable incessant indefatigable indomitable industrious insistent intact interminable intransient inveterate invincible inviolate joined jointless lasting lifelong linked long-lasting long-lived long-standing long-term longeval longevous loyal macrobiotic monotonous never-ending never-tiring nonstop obstinate of long duration of long standing old patient patient as Job perdurable perduring perennial periodic permanent perpetual perseverant persevering persistent persisting pertinacious plodding plugging preoccupied quiescent rapt recurrent relentless remaining repetitive resolute rigid round-the-clock running seamless sedulous sempervirent serried single-minded sleepless slogging smooth solid stable static stationary staying steadfast steady sticking straight stubborn sustained tenacious tireless torpid tough twenty-four-hour unabating unaltered unbroken unceasing unchangeable unchanged unchanging unchecked unconquerable undaunted undestroyed undifferentiated undiscouraged undrooping undying unending unfading unfailing unfaltering unflagging unflinching uniform unintermitted unintermittent unintermitting uninterrupted unnodding unrelaxing unrelenting unrelieved unremitting unshifting unsleeping unstopped unswerving untiring unvaried unvarying unwavering unwearied unwearying unwinking utterly attentive vital weariless


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