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1. (v. t.) To bring to completion; to finish; to perfect; to raise to the highest point or degree\; to complete; to achieve.

2. (a.) Carried to the utmost extent or degree; of the highest quality; complete; perfect.

able absolute accomplish accomplished achieve acmatic all-embracing all-encompassing all-out all-pervading apical archetypical arrant attain born broad-based cap capital chief classic classical clean clear climax compass complete comprehensive conclude congenital crass crest crown culminate deal with decided deep-dyed definitive developed discharge dispatch dispose of do do the job do the trick downright dyed-in-the-wool effect effectuate egregious enact end execute exemplary exhaustive expert faultless fetch finish finished flagrant flawless frost fulfill fully developed fully realized gifted glaring gross halt head headmost highest ice impeccable inimitable intensive intolerable knock off make manage masterful masterly mature matured maximal maximum meridian meridional model omnibus omnipresent out-and-out outright outtop overarch overmost overtop paramount peak peerless perfect perfected perform pervasive plain plumb polish off polished positive practiced precious preeminent produce proficient profound pronounced proper pure put away quintessential radical rank realize refined regular ripe ripened shattering sheer shocking skilled stark stark-staring straight succeed summital superb superlative supreme surmount surpassing sweeping take care of talented terminate the veriest thorough thoroughgoing through-and-through tip tip-top top top off topmost total trained transcendent turn the trick ubiquitous ultimate unbearable unconditional unconscionable undeniable unequivocal universal unmitigated unqualified unrelieved unreserved unrestricted unspoiled unsurpassable upmost uppermost utter veritable vertical virtuosic wholesale wind up work work out wrap up zenithal


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