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1. (n.) The act or process of constituting; the action of enacting, establishing, or appointing; enactment; establishment; formation.

2. (n.) The state of being; that form of being, or structure and connection of parts, which constitutes and characterizes a system or body; natural condition; structure; texture; conformation.

3. (n.) The aggregate of all one's inherited physical qualities; the aggregate of the vital powers of an individual, with reference to ability to endure hardship, resist disease, etc.; as, a robust constitution.

4. (n.) The aggregate of mental qualities; temperament.

5. (n.) The fundamental, organic law or principles of government of men, embodied in written documents, or implied in the institutions and usages of the country or society; also, a written instrument embodying such organic law, and laying down fundamental rules and principles for the conduct of affairs.

6. (n.) An authoritative ordinance, regulation or enactment; especially, one made by a Roman emperor, or one affecting ecclesiastical doctrine or discipline; as, the constitutions of Justinian.

Bill of Rights act allocation allotment anatomy animus apportionment aptitude architectonics architecture arrangement array arraying assemblage assembly bent bias body-build brand build building buildup cast character characteristic characteristics collation collocation combination complexion composition compound concurrent resolution conformation constituents constitutional amendment constitutional guarantees construction crasis creation deployment design dharma diathesis disposal disposition distribution eccentricity effectuation embodiment enaction enactment establishment ethos fabric fabrication fashion fashioning fiber forging form format formation formulation foundation frame genius getup grain habit hue humor humors idiosyncrasy ilk inauguration inception inclination incorporation individualism installation institution joint resolution junction kidney kind lawmaking leaning legislation legislature make makeup making manufacture marshaling materialization mental set mettle mind mind-set mixture mold molding nature order ordering organic structure organism organization passage passing pattern patterning physique piecing together placement plan predilection predisposition preference proclivity production propensity property putting together quality realization regimentation resolution set setting-up setup shape shaping slant somatotype sort spirit stamp strain streak stripe structure structuring suchness syneresis syntax synthesis system tectonics temper temperament tendency tenor texture tissue tone turn turn of mind twist type unwritten constitution vein warp warp and woof way weave web written constitution


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