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1. (n.) One for whom a representative acts or votes\; especially, one who is represented by another in a legislative assembly; -- correlative to representative.

2. (n.) A person who appoints another to act for him as attorney in fact.

3. (a.) Serving to form, compose, or make up; elemental; component.

4. (a.) Having the power of electing or appointing.

5. (n.) The person or thing which constitutes, determines, or constructs.

6. (n.) That which constitutes or composes, as a part, or an essential part; a component; an element.

ab ovo adjunct adoptive air appointive appurtenance aspect atom atomic particles basal basic brute matter building block census chemical element choosing choosy circumstance component composition constituents constitutive content contents detail discriminating division divisions earth eclectic elective electoral element elemental elementary elementary particle elementary unit elements essential factor feature fire fixings formative fraction fundamental fundamental particle gut guts hyle hypostasis index ingredient ingredients innards insides integral integrant inventory item items list makings material material world materiality matter molecule monad natural world nature of the essence original part part and parcel particular parts physical world plenum portion primal primary primitive radical selecting selective specialty stuff substance substantial substantive substratum the four elements underlying unit of being water whole


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