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1. (n.) The state or quality of being constant or steadfast; freedom from change; stability; fixedness; immutability; as, the constancy of God in his nature and attributes.

2. (n.) Fixedness or firmness of mind; persevering resolution; especially, firmness of mind under sufferings, steadiness in attachments, or perseverance in enterprise; stability; fidelity.

abidingness accordance adherence adhesion age allegiance antiquity aplomb application assiduity assiduousness attachment balance balanced personality bona fides bond bonne foi bulldog tenacity calm ceaselessness changelessness chattering clockwork regularity coeternity commitment concentration consecutiveness consistency consonance constant flow continualness continuance continuity continuousness cool correspondence daily round dedication defeat of time defiance of time devotedness devotion diligence dingdong diuturnity dogged perseverance doggedness drone durability durableness duration endlessness endurance engrossment equability equanimity equilibrium eternalness eternity even pace even tenor evenness ever-duringness everlastingness everness faith faithfulness fastness fealty featurelessness fidelity firmness firmness of mind fixedness flintiness foreverness frozenness fullness gaplessness good faith hardening homage homeostasis homogeneity immobility immovability immovableness immutability imperturbability incessancy indefatigability indestructibility industriousness industry infinite duration infinity inflexibility insistence insistency interminability invariability invariableness inveteracy jointlessness lastingness long standing long-lastingness long-livedness longevity loyalty maintenance methodicalness monolithism monologue monotone monotonousness monotony nerve never-endingness noninterruption obstinacy orderliness oscillation patience patience of Job perdurability perennation perenniality perennialness permanence permanency perpetualness perpetuity perseverance persistence persistency pertinaciousness pertinacity plenitude plodding plugging preoccupation pulsation punctuality quick fire quiescence rapid fire rapid recurrence rapid succession rapidity regularity relentlessness reliability repetition resolution rigidity rootedness sameliness sameness sang-froid seamlessness secureness security sedulity sedulousness sempiternity settledness single-mindedness singleness of purpose singsong slogging smoothness solidity soundness stability stable equilibrium stable state staccato stamina standing stasis staunchness staying power steadfastness steadiness steady nerves steady state steeliness stick-to-itiveness stubbornness stuttering substantiality successiveness survival survivance sustainment systematicalness tattoo tenaciousness tenacity tie timelessness tirelessness torpor treadmill tried-and-trueness triedness troth true blue trueness unbrokenness unceasingness unchangeability unchangingness undeflectability undeviation undifferentiation uniformity unintermission unintermittedness uninterruptedness uninterruption unity unrelievedness unremittingness unruffledness unshakable nerves unshakableness unswerving attention unvariation unyieldingness vibration


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