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1. (a.) Having agreement; congruous; consistent\; according; -- usually followed by with or to.

2. (a.) Having like sounds.

3. (a.) harmonizing together; accordant; as, consonant tones, consonant chords.

4. (a.) of or pertaining to consonants; made up of, or containing many, consonants.

5. (n.) An articulate sound which in utterance is usually combined and sounded with an open sound called a vowel; a member of the spoken alphabet other than a vowel; also, a letter or character representing such a sound.

accented accordant according affirmative agreeable agreeing alike allophone alveolar answerable apical apico-alveolar apico-dental articulated articulation aspiration assimilated assimilation assonant assonantal at one attuned automatic back balanced barytone bilabial blended blending broad cacuminal central cerebral check checked chiming close coexistent coexisting coherent coincident coinciding commensurate compatible concordant concurrent concurring conformable congenial congruent congruous consentaneous consentient consistent consonantal constant continuant continuous cooperating cooperative correspondent corresponding dental diphthong dissimilated dissimilation dorsal en rapport epenthetic vowel equable equal equivalent even explosive flat front glide glossal glottal glottalization guttural hard harmonic harmonious harmonizing heavy high homogeneous homophonic immutable in accord in agreement in chorus in concert in concord in rapport in sync in synchronization in tune in unison inaccordance inharmony intonated invariable labial labialization labiodental labiovelar laryngeal lateral lax level light like-minded lingual liquid low manner of articulation measured mechanical methodic mid modification monodic monolithic monophonic monophthong monophthongal morphophoneme mute muted narrow nasal nasalized occlusive of a piece of like mind of one mind on all fours open ordered orderly oxytone palatal palatalized parasitic vowel peak persistent pharyngeal pharyngealization pharyngealized phone phoneme phonemic phonetic phonic pitch pitched plosive positive posttonic proportionate prothetic vowel reconcilable regular retroflex robotlike rounded segmental phoneme self-consistent semivowel smooth soft sonant sonority speech sound stable steadfast steady stop stopped stressed strong surd syllabic syllabic nucleus syllabic peak syllable symbiotic sympathetic symphonious synchronized synchronous systematic tense thick throaty tonal tonic transition sound triphthong tuned twangy unaccented unanimous unbroken unchangeable unchanged unchanging undeviating undifferentiated undiversified uniform unisonant unisonous unrounded unruffled unstressed unvaried unvarying velar vibrant vocable vocalic vocoid voice voiced voiced sound voiceless voiceless sound voicing vowel vowellike weak wide


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