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1. (n.) A meeting of individuals, whether friendly or hostile; an encounter.

2. (n.) A sudden encounter; a collision; a shock; -- said of things.

3. (n.) The coming together of a male and female in sexual commerce; the act of coition.

4. (n.) A gathering or assembly; a conference.

5. (n.) A formal assembly, as of princes, deputies, representatives, envoys, or commissioners; esp., a meeting of the representatives of several governments or societies to consider and determine matters of common interest.

6. (n.) The collective body of senators and representatives of the people of a nation, esp. of a republic, constituting the chief legislative body of the nation.

7. (n.) The lower house of the Spanish Cortes, the members of which are elected for three years.

British Cabinet ESP Sanhedrin US Cabinet act of love adultery advisory body answer aphrodisia approach ass assemble assemblee assembly assignation association asymptote at home audience ball balling bargaining bargaining session bench bicameral legislature board board of aldermen body of advisers borough council bottleneck brain trust brawl brotherhood cabinet camarilla carnal knowledge caucus chamber chamber of deputies city board city council climax club cohabitation coition coitus coitus interruptus collect collegiality collision course colloquium commerce commission committee common council communication communion community concentralization concentration conclave concourse concurrence confab confabulation conference confluence conflux confrontation congregate congregation connection consultation consultative assembly contact conventicle convention convergence converging conversation converse convocation copula copulation correspondence council council fire council of ministers council of state council of war county council coupling court crossing dance date dealing dealings deliberative assembly diddling diet directory discussion divan eisteddfod exchange exchange of views eyeball-to-eyeball encounter federal assembly fellowship festivity fete focalization focus forgather forgathering fornication forum fraternity funnel gathering general assembly get-together guild high-level talk house of assembly housewarming hub huddle information interaction interchange interchange of views intercommunication intercommunion intercourse interplay interview intimacy junta kitchen cabinet league legislative assembly legislative body legislative chamber legislature levee linguistic intercourse lovemaking lower chamber lower house making it with marital relations marriage act mating meat meet meeting message muster mutual approach narrowing gap national assembly negotiations news conference onanism order orgasm ovum palaver panel pareunia parish council parley parliament party plenum pourparler powwow press conference privy council procreation prom provincial legislature provincial parliament quorum radius raise rally reception relations rendezvous reply representative town meeting response screwing seance session sex sex act sexual climax sexual commerce sexual congress sexual intercourse sexual relations sexual union shindig sit-in sitting sleeping with social activity social intercourse social relations society soiree soviet speaking speech speech circuit speech situation sperm spokes staff state assembly state legislature summit summit conference summitry symposium syndicate synod talking tangent telepathy touch town meeting traffic tribunal truck turnout two-way communication unicameral legislature union upper chamber upper house venery


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