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(n.) The act or process of gathering into a mass; the state of being thus collected; collection; accumulation; that which is conglomerated; a mixed mass.

Anschluss accretion accumulation acervation addition adherence adhesion affiliation agglomerate agglomeration agglutination aggregate aggregation agreement all sorts alliance amalgamation amassment articulation assemblage assimilation association assortment blend blending block body bond bracketing breccia broad spectrum bunch cabal cake cartel centralization chunk cling clinging clot clotting clump cluster clustering coagulation coalescence coalition coherence cohesion cohesiveness collectanea collection colluvies combination combine combo communication compaction composition concatenation concourse concrete concretion concurrence condensation confederacy confederation confluence congealment congelation congeries conglobation conglomerate conjugation conjunction connection consolidation conspiracy convergence copulation coupling cumulation ecumenism embodiment encompassment enosis federalization federation fusion gallimaufry gathering glomeration gob hash hoard hodgepodge hookup hotchpot hotchpotch hunk inclusion incorporation inseparability integration intercommunication intercourse interlinking joinder joining jointure jumble junction junta knot knotting league liaison linkage linking lump magpie marriage mash mass medley meeting melange meld melding merger merging mess mingle-mangle miscellanea miscellany mishmash mix mixed bag mixture node oddments odds and ends olio olla podrida omnium-gatherum package package deal pairing pasticcio pastiche patchwork potpourri salad salmagundi sauce scramble set snowball solid solid body solidification splice stew sticking stockpile sundries symbiosis syncretism syndication syneresis synthesis tie tie-in tie-up trove unification union variety wad wedding what you will yoking


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