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1. (n.) The state of being mixed or blended so as to produce indistinctness or error; indistinct combination; disorder; tumult.

2. (n.) The state of being abashed or disconcerted; loss self-possession; perturbation; shame.

3. (n.) Overthrow; defeat; ruin.

4. (n.) One who confuses; a confounder.

abashment agitation aloofness ambiguity ambiguousness amorphia amorphism amorphousness anarchism anarcho-syndicalism anarchy antinomianism assortment ataxia babel baffle bafflement balk bashfulness bedlam befuddlement bewilderment blurriness bother botheration chagrin chaos check checkmate cloud clutter combining commotion confounding confoundment contradiction coyness criminal syndicalism daze demureness demurity derangement destruction devastation diffusion dilemma din disarrangement disarray discombobulation discomfiture discomposure disconcert disconcertedness disconcertion disconcertment discontinuity discountenance discreteness disjunction dislocation disorder disorderliness disorganization disorientation dispersal dispersion disruption dissolution distress disturbance dither embarrassment enigma entropy fabulous formless darkness fix flap flummox flurry fluster flutter fog foil formlessness foul-up frenzy frustration fuddle fuddlement fuzziness gallimaufry hassle havoc haze haziness huddle hullabaloo incoherence inconsistency indecisiveness indefiniteness indeterminateness intermingling jam jumble lather license loss lynch law maze mess messiness misrule mist mistiness misunderstanding mix-up mixing mixture mob law mob rule mobocracy morass mortification mousiness muck muddle muddlement mystery nihilism nonadhesion noncohesion nonplus obscurity ochlocracy orderlessness pandemonium perplexity perturbation pickle plight pother predicament primal chaos problem pucker puzzle puzzlement quandary rebellion rebuff repulse reversal reverse revolution riddle rout ruffle ruination scattering scrape screw-up self-consciousness separateness setback shambles shamefacedness shamefastness shapelessness shuffle shyness skittishness snafu snarl stagefright stammering stew sweat swivet syndicalism timidity timidness timorousness tizzy tohubohu tumult turbulence turmoil unadherence unadhesiveness unassuredness unclearness unease uneasiness unruliness unsettlement untenacity upset vagueness


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