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1. (a.) Corresponding in form; harmonious; similar; proper or suitable; as, plans conformable to one's long term goals\; -- usually followed by to.

2. (a.) Disposed to compliance or obedience; ready to follow directions; submissive; compliant.

3. (a.) Parallel, or nearly so; -- said of strata in contact.

Christian acclaimed accustomed acknowledged admired admitted adopted advocated affirmed allowed applauded appointed approved assumed authentic authenticated authoritative avowed backed being done believed canonical carried cathedral certified chanced chosen chronic comme il faut conceded confessed confirmed conformable consuetudinary conventional correct countersigned credited cried up current customary de rigueur decent decorous designated elect elected elected by acclamation embraced endorsed espoused established evangelical everyday ex cathedra faithful familiar favored favorite firm formal generally accepted granted habitual handpicked highly touted in good odor in hand in process in progress in the works literal magisterial meet named nominated normal notarized obtaining of the faith official on the anvil ordinary orthodox orthodoxical passed picked popular prescribed prescriptive prevalent professed proper ratified received recognized recommended regular regulation right routine sanctioned scriptural sealed seemly select selected set signed sound stamped standard stock supported sworn and affirmed sworn to textual time-honored traditional traditionalistic TRUE true-blue trusted unanimously elected uncontested under way undertaken underwritten undisputed undoubted unquestioned unsuspected usual validated warranted well-thought-of widespread wonted


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