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1. (a.) United in growth; hence, formed by coalition of separate particles into one mass; united in a solid form.

2. (a.) Standing for an object as it exists in nature, invested with all its qualities, as distinguished from standing for an attribute of an object; -- opposed to abstract.

3. (a.) Applied to a specific object; special; particular; -- opposed to general. See Abstract.

4. (n.) A compound or mass formed by concretion, spontaneous union, or coalescence of separate particles of matter in one body.

5. (n.) A mixture of gravel, pebbles, or broken stone with cement or with tar, etc., used for sidewalks, roadways, foundations, etc., and esp. for submarine structures.

6. (n.) A term designating both a quality and the subject in which it exists; a concrete term.

7. (n.) Sugar boiled down from cane juice to a solid mass.

8. (v. i.) To unite or coalesce, as separate particles, into a mass or solid body.

9. (v. t.) To form into a mass, as by the cohesion or coalescence of separate particles.

10. (v. t.) To cover with, or form of, concrete, as a pavement.

Formica Masonite Tarmac Tarvia absolute actual adamant adobe agglomerate agglomeration appreciable ashlar asphalt associate authentic bitumen bituminous macadam blacktop block body bona fide bone bony bracket breccia brick bricks and mortar bunch cake candy canvas carpet carpeting causeway cement cemental certain clabber clapboard clear-cut clinker close close-knit close-textured close-woven clot clump cluster coagulate coalesce cobble cobblestone combine compact compacted compound compressed concentrated concretion condense condensed congeal congested conglomerate conglomeration connect consolidated cork tile corneous couple covering materials crammed crammed full crowded crystallize curb curbing curbstone curd curdle defined definite definitive dense detailed determinate diamond diamondlike different distinct distinguished dry dure edgestone esoteric especial exceptional express extraordinary ferroconcrete fiber glass firebrick firm fixed flag flagging flagstone flint flintlike flinty floor flooring gel gelatinate gelatinize genuine gluey granite granitelike granitic granulate gravel grout hard hard as nails hardhearted heart of oak heavy horny impenetrable impermeable incrassate individual indurate inner inspissate intimate iron iron-hard ironlike jam-packed jammed jell jellify jelly kerb kerbstone knot lapideous lath and plaster link linoleum literal lithoid lithoidal lopper lump macadam marble marblelike masonry mass massive mastic material metal minute mortar nails node nonporous noteworthy oak obdurate osseous packed palpable pantile paper parget parquet particular pave pavement pavestone paving paving material paving stone pebble personal physical plaster plasterboard plasters plywood ponderable precise prestressed concrete private real realistic reliable resistant resistive respective road metal rock rocklike rocky roofage roofing roofing paper roughcast sensible serried set several shake sheathing board sheeting shingle siding singular slate solid solid body solidify solipsistic special specific spun glass steel steellike steely stone stonelike stony stucco substantial substantive take a set tangible tar tar paper tarmacadam thatch thick thick-growing thicken thickset tile tilestone tiling tough


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