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(a.) Decisive; convincing; putting an end to debate or question; as, conclusive evidence\; leading to, or involving, a conclusion or decision.

absolute adducible admissible admitting no exception all-out apodictic assuring attestative attestive authentic authoritative based on binding bound boundary categorical caudal certain circumstantial clear clear and distinct clear as day complete completing completive completory compulsory concluding consummative convictional convincing crowning culminating cumulative damning decided decisive decretory definite definitive determinate determinative dictated documentary documented downright endmost entailed entire eventual evidential evidentiary ex parte explicit express extreme eye-witness factual farthest final finalizing finishing firsthand fixed flat flat-out founded on fulfilling global grounded on hard-and-fast hearsay imperative implicit imposed impressive inappealable incontrovertible indicative indisputable ineluctable inevitable irrefutable irresistible irrevocable last limiting mandated mandatory material must necessary nuncupative obligatory out-and-out outright overwhelming peremptory perfect perfectly sure persuasive polar positive predestined predetermined prescript prescriptive presumptive probative reliable required round satisfactory satisfying significant straight straight-out suggestive sure sure-enough symptomatic tail telling terminal terminating terminative total TRUE ultimate unambiguous uncircumscribed unconditional unconditioned undoubting unequivocal unhampered unhesitating univocal unlimited unmistakable unmitigated unqualified unquestioning unreserved unrestricted unwaivable utter valid weighty whole without appeal without exception without reserve


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