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(a.) Capable of conceiving.

Leibnizian Saturnian adroit advanced agile aglow alert alight alive animate animated apt astute attentive auspicious awake balmy beaming bedazzling benign benignant blazing bleached blinding blithe blithesome blooming brainy brave bright and shining bright and sunny bright-hued brilliant burning burnished cant charismatic cheerful cheery chiliastic clean cleanly clear clever cloudless colorful colory conceptive conceptual coruscating couleur de rose dainty dazzling deep-colored devastating dexter dexterous dirt-free discursive distinguished divine docile educable effulgent elated eupeptic euphoric exalted exhilarated exotic exuberant facile fair fastidious favorable favoring flamboyant flaming flashing fluorescent flushed formable fortunate fresh fulgent fulgid full of promise garish gay gay-colored genial gifted glad gladsome glamorous glaring glary gleaming glistening glittering glorious glossy glowing golden good gorgeous halcyon happy harmless heavenly high high-colored hopeful ideational illuminated illustrious immaculate impressionable in good spirits in high spirits incandescent ingenious instructable intellectual intelligent intense inviolate irrepressible keen keen-witted killing knowing kosher lambent laughing light lighted lively lucent lucid lucky luminous lustrous magic magnificent malleable mild millenarian millennialistic mint moldable motivated nimble nimble-witted no dumbbell noetic nonpolluted not born yesterday not so dumb numinous of cleanly habits of good cheer of good omen of happy portent of promise on the on the alert on the ball on the job optimistic outstanding perfectibilitarian perfectionist plastic pleasant pliable polished precocious pristine promising prompt propitious prosperous pure qui vive quick quick-thinking quick-witted radiant rational raving ravishing ready reasonable receptive refulgent resplendent riant rich rich-colored ripe for instruction ritually pure rose-colored roseate rosy sane sanguine sanguineous scatheless schoolable scintillating sensible sharp sharp-witted shimmering shining shiny sleepless smart smiling smut-free smutless sophic sparkling spirited splendent splendid splendorous splendrous spotless sprightly stainless steel-trap strong-minded stunning sublime sunny sunshiny susceptible sweet tahar talented teachable thirsty for knowledge trainable tubbed unadulterated unbesmirched unblemished unblinking unblotted unbroken unbruised unclouded


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