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1. (n.) An unduly high opinion of oneself\.

2. (n.) Faculty of conceiving ideas; mental faculty; apprehension; as, a man of quick conceit.

3. (n.) Quickness of apprehension; active imagination; lively fancy.

4. (n.) A fanciful, odd, or extravagant notion; a quant fancy; an unnatural or affected conception; a witty thought or turn of expression; a fanciful device; a whim; a quip.

5. (n.) An overweening idea of one's self; vanity.

6. (n.) Design; pattern.

7. (v. t.) To conceive; to imagine.

8. (v. i.) To form an idea; to think.

abstract thought act of thought affectation aggressive self-confidence amour propre aphorism apothegm apprehension arrogance assume assumption assurance attitude bee believe bluster boast boastfulness boasting bombast bon mot boutade brag braggadocio braggartism bragging brainstorm brainwork bravado bright idea bright thought brilliant idea bumptiousness capriccio caprice cerebration chestiness climate of opinion cockiness cogitation common belief community sentiment complacence complacency conceitedness conceive concept conception conceptualization conclusion consensus gentium consequence consideration coxcombry crack crank craze crazy idea creative thought crotchet dandyism egoism egotism epigram estimate estimation ethos excogitation expect eye face facetiae fad fancy fanfaronade fantastic notion fantasticism fantasy feeling flash of wit flight of fancy flight of wit flimflam fool notion foppery foppishness freak freakish inspiration fumes of fancy gasconade gasconism gather general belief gibe happy thought harebrained idea haughtiness headwork heavy thinking heroics humor idea ideation image imageless thought imagination imaginativeness imagine imagining imago immodesty impression independence intellection intellectual exercise intellectual object intellectualization jactation jactitation judgment kink lights maggot megrim memory-trace mental act mental image mental impression mental labor mental process mentation mind mot mystique narcissism nasty crack noesis notion observation obtrusiveness opinion pardonable pride passing fancy perception perkiness persiflage personal judgment pertness play of wit pleasantry point of view pomposity popular belief position posture presumption prevailing belief pride pridefulness proudness public belief public opinion puppyism purse-pride quip quips and cranks quirk ratiocination reaction reasoning recept reckon reflection repartee representation retort riposte rodomontade sally scintillation self-admiration self-assertiveness self-complacency self-conceit self-confidence self-consequence self-esteem self-importance self-love self-reliance self-respect self-sufficiency sentiment side sight smart crack smart saying smugness snappy comeback stance stiff-necked pride stiff-neckedness straight thinking stroke of wit stuffiness suppose supposition swagger swelled head swelled-headedness theory think thinking thinking aloud thinking out thought toy turn of thought vagary vainglory vainness vanity vaunt vauntery vaunting view way of thinking whim whim-wham whimsy wisecrack witticism


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