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(n.) The state of being an accomplice; participation in guilt; as, complicity in a tax scheme\.

arraignability arraignableness artifice association bipartisanship blameworthiness bloody hands burden cabal censurability censurableness chargeability coaction coadjuvancy coadministration coagency cochairmanship codirectorship collaboration collaborativeness collectivism collusion commensalism common effort common enterprise communalism communism communitarianism community complot concert concord concordance concurrence condominium confederacy connivance conspiracy contribution contrivance contriving cooperation cooperativeness copartnership copartnery cotenancy counterplot covin criminality culpability deep-laid plot dirty hands duet duumvirate ecumenicalism ecumenicism ecumenism engagement engineering esprit esprit de corps fellow feeling fellowship finagling finesse frame-up game guilt guiltiness guilty conscience harmony having a part impeachability impeachableness implication inculpation indictability indictableness intrigue involvement joining of forces joint chairmanship joint control joint effort joint operation joint ownership joint tenancy little game machination maneuvering manipulation mass action morale mutual assistance mutualism mutuality octet onus partaking participation partnership peccancy plot plotting pooling pooling of resources pulling together quartet quintet reciprocity red-handedness reprehensibility reproachableness reprovability reprovableness rigging scheme schemery scheming septet sextet sharing solidarity stratagem suffrage symbiosis synergism synergy team spirit teamwork trick trio triumvirate troika underplot united action voting web of intrigue wire-pulling


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