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(a.) Yielding; bending; pliant; submissive\.

abject accepting accommodating accordant acquiescent acquiescing active adaptable adapting adaptive adjustable adjusting affable affirmative agreeable agreed agreeing alacritous amenable amiable appliable applicable approving ardent assentatious assenting bendable bending benevolent benign benignant complaisant compliable complying conceding concessive conformable conforming conscientious consentient consenting constant content cooperative decent devoted devout disposed docile ductile duteous dutiful eager elastic endorsing enthusiastic exploitable extensible extensile fabricable facile fain faithful favorable favorably disposed favorably inclined fictile flexible flexile flexuous formable formative forward game generous giving gracious humble impressible impressionable in the mind in the mood inclined indulgent kind kindly law-abiding like putty limber lissome lithe lithesome loyal malleable manipulable meek meticulous minded mindful moldable nondissenting nonresistant nonresisting nonresistive nothing loath obedient obliging observant operable other-directed overindulgent overpermissive passive permissive plastic pliable pliant practical practicing predisposed prompt prone punctilious punctual quick ratifying ready ready and willing receptive reconciled regardful resigned responsive reusable sanctioning scrupulous sensitive sequacious servile shapable springy submissive subservient supine supple susceptible tractable tractile TRUE unassertive uncomplaining ungrudging unloath unrefusing unreluctant unresistant unresisting usable utilizable well-disposed well-inclined whippy willed willing willinghearted willowy yielding zealous


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