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1. (n.) Composite; complicated as, a complex being; a complex idea\; composed of two or more parts.

2. (n.) Involving many parts; complicated; intricate.

3. (n.) Assemblage of related things; collection; complication.

Byzantine Chinese puzzle Diana complex Electra complex Gordian knot Herculean Oedipus complex Rube Goldberg contraption abstruse acculturation amalgamated ambiguous ambivalent amphibious arduous baffling balled up bewildering beyond one blended brutal can of worms castration complex civilization collectivity combined complicated composite compound compounded compulsion confounded confounding confused confusing conglomerate convoluted crabbed cramp critical cultural drift culture culture area culture center culture complex culture conflict culture contact culture pattern culture trait daedal dappled delicate demanding devious difficile difficult distracting disturbing eclectic elaborate embodiment embrangled entangled entirety equivocal ethos exacting fascination father complex fifty-fifty fixation fixed idea folkways formidable fouled up garbled gordian hairy half-and-half hang-up hard hard to understand hard-earned hard-fought heterogeneous hypercathexis idee fixe implicated indiscriminate inferiority complex integer integration integrity intricate involute involuted involved ironic irresistible impulse jawbreaking jumbled jungle key trait knot knotted knotty laborious labyrinth labyrinthian labyrinthine loused up many-faceted many-sided matted maze mazy mean meander meandering medley mesh mess messed up mingled miscellaneous mixed mixed up mixed-up monomania morbid drive mores mother complex motley mucked up multifaceted multifarious multinational multiracial mysterious mystifying no picnic not easy obfuscated obscure obscured obsession obsessive compulsion oneness operose organic unity overtechnical parent complex patchy perplex perplexed perplexing persecution complex pluralistic possession preoccupation prepossession promiscuous puzzling ramified ravel reticular rigorous rough roundabout rugged ruling passion scrambled screwed up set with thorns severe snafu snake pit snarl snarled society sophisticated spiny steep strenuous subtle superiority complex syncretic tangle tangled tangled skein tangly thorny thrown together tic ticklish toilsome totality tough trait trait-complex tricky twisted unity uphill vague varied webwork wheels within wheels whole wicked wilderness


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