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1. (n.) Expression of grief, regret, pain, censure, or resentment; lamentation; murmuring; accusation; fault-finding.

2. (n.) Cause or subject of complaint or murmuring.

3. (n.) An ailment or disease of the body.

4. (n.) A formal allegation or charge against a party made or presented to the appropriate court or officer, as for a wrong done or a crime committed (in the latter case, generally under oath); an information; accusation; the initial bill in proceedings in equity.

abnormality accusal accusation accusing acute disease affection affidavit affliction ailment allegation allegement allergic disease allergy arraignment atrophy bacterial disease ban beef beefing bellyache bellyaching bill bill of complaint bill of particulars birth defect bitch bitching blackball blackballing blame blight boycott bringing of charges bringing to book cardiovascular disease challenge charge chronic disease circulatory disease claim combative reaction complaining complication compunction condition congenital defect count counteraction declaration defect defiance deficiency disease deformity degenerative disease delation demonstration demur demurrer denouncement denunciation deposition destructive criticism dim view disability disagreement disappointment disapprobation disapproval discontent discontentedness discontentment disease disenchantment disesteem disfavor disgruntlement disillusion disillusionment disorder displeasure dispute disrespect dissatisfaction dissent dissentience distaste distemper endemic endemic disease endocrine disease epidemic disease exception exclusion expostulation faultfinding fractiousness functional disease fungus disease gastrointestinal disease genetic disease grievance grievance committee gripe griping groan groaning grouse grousing grumble grumbling handicap hereditary disease holler howl iatrogenic disease ill illness impeachment implication imputation indictment indignation indignation meeting indisposition infectious disease infirmity information innuendo insinuation kick kicking lawsuit laying of charges libel low estimation low opinion malady malaise march morbidity morbus murmuring muscular disease narratio negativism neurological disease nolle prosequi noncooperation nonsuit nonviolent protest nutritional disease objection obstinacy occupational disease opposition opposure organic disease ostracism pandemic disease passive resistance pathological condition pathology peeve peevishness pet peeve petulance picketing plaint plant disease prosecution protest protest demonstration protestation protozoan disease psychosomatic disease qualm querulousness rally reaction rebuff recalcitrance recalcitrancy recalcitration refractoriness rejection reluctance remonstrance remonstration renitence renitency repellence repellency reproach repulse repulsion resistance respiratory disease revolt rockiness scolding scruple secondary disease seediness sickishness sickness signs sit-in sniping squawk squawking stand statement statement of facts strike suit symptomatology symptomology symptoms syndrome taxing teach-in the pip thumbs-down true bill uncooperativeness unhappiness unspoken accusation urogenital disease veiled accusation virus disease wasting disease whining withstanding worm disease yapping


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