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1. (a.) Sticking together; causing cohesion; as, a cohesive teammate; a cohesive argument\, as in a mass; capable of cohering; tending to cohere; as, cohesive clay.

2. (a.) Holding the particles of a homogeneous body together; as, cohesive attraction; producing cohesion; as, a cohesive force.

adhering agglutinate cartilaginous chewy cleaving clinging coherent cohering coriaceous durable fibrous gristly hard hardy holding together impartible indiscerptible indissoluble indissolvable indivisible infrangible infusible inseparable insoluble lasting leatherlike leathery resistant ropy sinewy sticking stiff stringy strong stubborn stuck tenacious tough tough as leather undividable unified untiring vigorous viscid wiry


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