1. (n.) An unshaped piece or mass of wood or other substance.

2. (n.) A cluster; a group; a thicket.

3. (n.) The compressed clay of coal strata.

4. (v. t.) To arrange in a clump or clumps; to cluster; to group.

5. (v. i.) To tread clumsily; to clamp.

accumulate agglomerate aggregate aggroup amass amble array assemble bang barge bash bat batch beating belt biff bilge blain bleb blister blob block blow body bonk boss bow bowl along bring together bubble bulb bulge bulk bulla bump bunch bunch together bunch up bundle burl button cahot cake chine chink chop chunk clabber clap click clink clip clobber clod clop clot clout clunk cluster clutter coagulate coldcock collect colligate collocate combine compare compile concrete concretion condyle congeal conglomerate conglomeration convex copse corral crack crop crump cumulate curd curdle cut dash deal deal a blow deck dig dig up dint dowel drag draw together dredge up drive together drub drubbing drumming dull thud ear fetch fetch a blow flange flap flick flounce flump foot footslog fusillade gall gather gather in gather together gel gelatinate gelatinize get in get together gnarl gob group grouping groupment grove growth halt handle hassock heap hill hippety-hop hit hit a clip hitch hobble hodgepodge hop hump hunch hunk incrassate inspissate jab jell jellify jelly jog joggle join jolt jumble jump juxtapose knob knock knock cold knock down knock out knot knur knurl let have it lick limp lip loaf loop lopper lot lumber lump lump together lunge lurch make up mass match mess mince mobilize mole mountain muster nevus node nub nubbin nubble nugget omnium-gatherum pace pad paddle pair papilloma parcel partner paste pat patter peg pelt piaffe piaffer pile pitapat pitter-patter plantation planting plod plump plunk poke pop pound prance punch put together quantity rack raise rake up rally rap rib ridge ring roll round up sashay saunter scrape together scuff scuffle scuttle set shamble shock shoulder shuffle sidle single-foot skip slam slew slink slither slog slouch slug smack smash


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