1. (n.) A cloth; a piece of cloth or leather; a patch; a rag.

2. (n.) A swadding cloth.

3. (n.) A piece; a fragment.

4. (n.) The center of the butt at which archers shoot; -- probably once a piece of white cloth or a nail head.

5. (n.) An iron plate on an axletree or other wood to keep it from wearing; a washer.

6. (n.) A blow with the hand.

7. (n.) To cover with cloth, leather, or other material; to bandage; patch, or mend, with a clout.

8. (n.) To join or patch clumsily.

9. (n.) To guard with an iron plate, as an axletree.

10. (n.) To give a blow to; to strike.

11. (n.) To stud with nails, as a timber, or a boot sole.

amperage armipotence ascendancy authoritativeness authority backlash backwash bang bash bat beating beef belt biff black power blow bonk box brute force buffet cabbage charge charisma charm chop clap clip clobber clump cogence cogency coldcock collar compulsion consequence control cop crack credit cut dash deal deal a blow deck dig ding dint dominance domination drag drive driving force drub drubbing drumming duress effect effectiveness effectuality eminence enchantment energy esteem favor fetch fetch a blow flower power force force majeure forcefulness full blast full force fusillade good feeling heist hit hit a clip hold hook impact impellent impelling force impetus importance impress impression imprint impulse impulsion in incentive incidental power incitement influence influentiality insinuation irresistible force jab knock knock cold knock down knock out leadership let have it leverage lick magisterialness magnetism main force main strength mana mark mastery might might and main mightiness moment momentum motive power moxie muscle power nail nick nip paste pelt personality persuasion pizzazz plunk poke poop potence potency potentiality pound power power pack power structure power struggle powerfulness predominance preponderance prepotency pressure prestige print productiveness productivity propulsion puissance pull punch purchase push rap reaction recoil reflex reign repercussion repute response rule say sinew slam slap slog slosh slug smack smash smite snap soak sock steal steam strength strike strike at stroke strong arm suasion subtle influence suggestion superiority superpower supremacy swat sway swing swipe tattoo thrust thump thwack upper hand validity vehemence vigor vim virility virtue virulence vitality wallop wattage weight whack wham whip hand whop yerk


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